Larry Mayao

Larry Mayao
Fifth in rank in their graduating class
25 years old (as of 2009)
Masiglahi Class of 2009
Philippine Military Academy

Both of his parents were from Mainit, Bontoc.
He grew up in Baguio City.

Mother: Conchita
She died of stroke when Larry was only 10 years old

Father: Antonio, Sr.
62 years old (as of 2009)

9th of 10 siblings

Son of Mainit, Bontoc is PMA’s Number 5
By: Glo Abaeo Tuazon
Cordilllera Express

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i for one is also from mainit, bontoc! places like ours are like the gardens of eden hidden among the towering mountains of bontoc!! as a native of that place, i am very proud to say that i belong in that place! i just hope that officials from bontoc could do something to improve the harsh and backbreaking roads going to mainit and guinaang> i wish that someday it could be as famous as sagada. that many tourist would want to venture in! a place where they can unwind and relax and feel the soothing hotness of the springs!

Yes, Mainit is a good place. but i am so so sad to say that Mainit is being destructed by minings. worst is, they are making foreigners more richer than locals MISMO.. i do hope that i can stand in front of people and tell them the consequences of the minings (if they are not aware)..

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