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The hot thing in Mainit, Bontoc

The 45-minute drive up the rickety road to Mainit, Bontoc was the same the way I saw it last. From the high vantage point, one could view the whole valley and see the clustered community of Bontoc Poblacion, Callutit, and Samoki. On the way up is Guinaang.

The hot thing in Mainit, Bontoc (view article)
February 24, 2009
By Gloria Tuazon
Sun.Star Baguio

6 replies on “The hot thing in Mainit, Bontoc”

Mainit is a beautiful place even though I grow up here in Baguio City,why should I know? both parents is from Mainit Bontoc ,Mt.Province…many tourist arrived in Mainit Bontoc to visit/see personally OUR “MAINIT HOT SPRING”….!!! So I’m proud to say that “IMAINITAK YA”….!!!

mainit’s hot spring is really astonishing i my self is originated from mainit HALF though my mother’s from mainit and father’s from besao first time i saw this hot springs i was very amazed but every summer i go there to help but this year imvery diapointed from what i saw the clean hot river that i saw in the past is now filled with garbages i used to loved those hot rivers because locals used it to cooked food specialy sweet potato (kamote) but now the site is unberable even if i want to do something i can’t one person cant do a thing so anyone whose concern there…………………….. jeje naibusanak t english met mag narigat ay in english

There’s no such place like mainit.a place na kahit saan ka makarating ay gusto mo pa ring balikan.,,,,,,it’s my place and i’m proud to say,,,@imainitak@

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